Nurse 2022 is an opportunity to take action, to bring about the future you want for yourself and your profession

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A nurseforce to reckon with

You are one in five of the 400,000 nurses and midwives in Australia working outside of hospitals, in primary health care settings like general practice, prisons, community health, schools, and aged care.

Nurses really are the backbone and the front line of primary health care in Australia.

However, nurses are still undervalued and invisible when it comes to Australia’s future healthcare system.

Now is the time to take serious action

Let’s draw a line in the sand and say, by 2022 things are going to be different.

Stand with APNA to bring about real change for Nurse 2022.

APNA pledges to:

  • Raise the profile of nurses who work in primary health care
  • Help people understand the scope of nurses who work in primary health care
  • Work to change health policy so that nurses can do more to improve the health of Australia

While we’re busy changing the environment, we need nurses to make it happen on the ground.

These awesome nurses have pledged to be valued, visible, respected

Join the movement

It only takes a few people to make a movement, and it starts with YOU.

Make this your pledge to Nurse 2022:

  • I will take charge of my career
  • I will promote the value of my role
  • I will support my profession and my peers

Working together, let’s unleash the power of primary health care nurses.

Pledge to be valued, visible, respected.

Pledge to Nurse 2022 today.